The perfect balance of teacher guided lessons and self-paced independent learning.  Students receive focused individualized instruction in  both areas of our unique learning environment: the Cloud Lab and the Organic Classroom.  As students receive lessons from instructors based on their own needs and interests, they are also provided the time, space, and, tools that attract and motivate them to achieve mastery of the lesson material.

Cloud Lab Benefits:

  • Complete on-line course system for English language learning from beginner through advanced
  • Includes all aspects of English language learning (listening, speaking, writing, reading, vocabulary, and grammar)
  • Interactive lessons and testing to ensure students’ active participation and mastery of lessons.
  • Students gain valuable experience learning how to use the most up-to-date technology and tools in a responsible and productive manner.
  • As opposed to the traditional classroom setting where everyone must study the same material together, students are not at risk of being held back or pushed too hard by their peers.  Rather, the Cloud Lab allows each student to work on his or her own lessons at the appropriate pace.


Organic Classroom Benefits:

  • Vast array of materials and activities to excite and hold the students’ interest in learning.
  • Provides a rare opportunity for repeated “real-world” application of knowledge and language skills.
  • Students are able to collaborate with each other on projects that are suitable to their own interests and skill levels.
  • Regularly presents students with suitable options to choose from in the classroom, helping them to take ownership in their learning and develop a sense of responsibility.

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T&L International Language Academy Operating Principles:



  • Established in the spirit of classical education.
  • An environment of beauty and simplicity.
  • A diverse range of teaching materials integrated into a digital system
  • An environment that nurtures both independent and collaborative learning.
  • Promoting positive habits that last a lifetime.
  • Guiding students in the pursuit of wisdom, truth, and virtue.



Together we learn to walk in the WAY of self-discovery, rooted in TRUTH, leading to a LIFE of pure joy.  Come and walk with us.  We are together, we are learning.